Valentine's Love in Cookie Form

Last spring my brother and his wife moved to North Dakota for her work. Loving them as much as I do I decided to send them some cookies for Valentine's Day. I got the recipe for these out of the Martha Stewart Holiday Cookies magazine. Delicious and only 50 calories each. Yum!



Tax Refunds= A Gift From the Goverment...sorta

I've always considered my tax refund a gift from the goverment, here's my reasoning; it's money they took from me through my taxes, I believe taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society, they don't really have to give it back but they do. So basically it's a gift.

Obviously I would prefer shoes to money any day, but like a well meaning relative the goverment doesn't know my size or what color I really like so they send money and love. (I like to believe in fairy tales, in this one the goverment loves it's people)

So I went shopping and here is a pretty good aproximation of what I bought. Thank you Federal Tax Return aunts and uncles. I really appreciate the money, but next year just send shoes.

Spring Outfit #1

Spring Outfit #1 by Amanda Ingram featuring cropped tops

Mika Dress
$75 - 25park.com
Gauze dresses »

Lace Back Shrug
$24 - windsorstore.com
Cropped tops »

$49 - jessicasimpsoncollection.com
High heel shoes »

2BD — WBWW Necklace
$38 - bigcartel.com
Necklaces »


A new start for an old blog

Ha! I recently (today) rediscovered this blog, and as much as I believe in serendipity (a bunch) had actually been thinking about starting a blog based on the things I spend my days and nights totally obsessing over. Plus I need the practice writing. So, Voila'! Here we are, I don't have anything really special to say at the moment but give me time and I'm sure I will.


A faux vector image

This is suppposed to look like a vector image. Really it's just a bunch of polygon lassos colored and layered. All in all I think it turned out fairly well.

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Finished Avi Art

Here is some avatar art that I have finished coloring for friends!

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